Sunday, December 28, 2008

Vadivelu from the film Ayya

Vadivelu as Ghilli Vijay in the film Ayya and tries to save a girl in distress.

Vadivelu dances for the song "Manmatha Rasa"

Vadivelu joins two people dancing for the song "Manmatha rasa, Manmatha Rasa, Kali manasa kilathe"

How Vadivelu wins a girl from Vivek in this scene

Vadivelu and vivek are trying to win a girl. See how vadivelu wins the girl and sings...singgggg in the rain.......i am swinggggg in the rain.....songgggg in the rain.

In his conversation he shouts over vivek as "You you you... fool of the idiot of the foool of the ass." Nice comedy by Vadivelu and Vivek.

How Vadivelu became popular as ROMBA NALAVAN

Vadivelu explains about getting beaten by different gang people and how they bashed him one after the other. Vadivelu says "Modala oru 3-4 peru tha adichanga, adichikite irukumbothu oruthen phone pani free ya irundha vaa machan, oruthen chikurunka da.

Vadivelu explains "evalavu mudiyumo avvalavu adichanga", "3 mani nerram moochi thenara thenara adichanga".

When asked why didn't u beat them in return he explains "Adikum bothu oruthe sona, evalavu adichalum thanguvan da, evan romba nallavan nu cholita ma". "Naanum valikatha maathiriyae evalavu neram tha nadikirathu"

Vadivelu and Prabhu Deva comedy

Vadivelu rocks with his broken english. The dialogues in this scene are very popular vadivelu comedy.

The dialogue include "4 pieces its not da.....give respect take respect u mean waste land....two much three much ...oh god....mummy family total damage...escuse me....what shes telling?...wht blood same blood

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Vadivelu meets Rajnikant in Kuselan

Vadivelu meets Rajnikant in Kuselan. He want to take a pic with Rajnikant because he want to patch up with his wife. Nice comedy in Kuselan.

Vadivelu comedy scene in Kuselan

Vadivelu servant pouring their heart out shouting and beating him while he sleeps.